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السبت، 12 فبراير 2011

The Easiest Way to Zap off Those Excess Pounds in Just 6 Weeks

Researchers have speculated that your exercise routine may be easier to stick to if it fits your personality.
Here are their suggestions for an exercise routine based on the most dominant part of your personality.
  • CyclingHighly conscientious—then you may have a leg up already. Take advantage of your innate stick-to-itiveness and drive to follow the rules. Solo activities tend to work well since you don't have to coordinate your schedule with others.
  • Non-committal—More impulsive people who tend to avoid planning and don't like making promises may improve their chances of success by writing down their exercise plan in detail, including the when and where.

    Focusing on activities that give you "a buzz or high," can also help to make you stick to your regimen. Examples include sprinting such as Peak 8, and contact sports. Breaking down a large goal into smaller, more manageable chunks with deadlines in the near future will also be helpful, especially if your attention span is short.
  • Extroverted—So-called "people persons" can feel bereft when having to exercise all by their lonesome, so if you're very outgoing, consider joining a fitness class or taking up a team sport to keep you going.
  • Introverted and/or highly agreeable—These personality types may be uncomfortable with highly competitive and aggressive activities. Better alternatives include yoga—either at home by yourself or in a class setting—and golf.
  • Worried/Anxious—Those who find it hard to relax can find a great friend in exercise, as exercising is a fantastic tool for releasing anxiety, and providing stress relief and emotional stability. If you fall into this category, I highly recommend including this benefit in your written goals (see below), and use that as a motivating force to get you going.
  • Adventurous—Those who are open to new experiences tend to be happiest when their fitness routine takes them outdoors. Running, cycling or walking are all great options. You can also easily incorporate Peak 8 exercises outdoors by sprinting instead of jogging, for example. Taking different routes can quench your need for variety, keeping each workout fresh.
In related fitness news, several recent studies have found that when athletes completely cease training, they rapidly lose strength and endurance.  Being completely inactive, even for a short period of time, de-tones muscles and compromises health.
However, these same studies also found that relatively small amounts of activity allowed the athletes to maintain much of the health and fitness they had previously gained. If they just cut back to one weight-training session and two endurance workouts per week, they lost only half as much aerobic power as those who stopped exercising altogether.
In addition, it's well known that exercise results in cardiovascular benefits. But until quite recently, scientists understood very little about how physical activity actually influences your heart.
A new study now offers some of the first molecular-level insights.
The research suggests that exercise turns on a genetic program that leads your heart to grow as heart muscle cells divide. This means that there may be ways to optimize training regimens so that they tap into this natural mechanism more efficiently.

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