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السبت، 12 فبراير 2011

The Smoking Time Bomb Sitting Next to Your Brain - Has Its Moment Finally Arrived?

At the end of the two-day hearing to evaluate the safety of amalgam, the FDA's own scientific panel – including neurologists, toxicologists, epidemiologists, and environmental health specialists – told the agency to stop amalgam use in children, pregnant women, and hypersensitive populations. 
After reviewing the available scientific studies and the presentations of researchers, experts, dentists, and injured consumers, the scientists concluded that – contrary to the claims of the FDA's in-house dentist Susan Runner – amalgam is not safe for everybody. 
According to the panel, the FDA's amalgam risk assessments were not adequate to protect hypersensitive adults, children, and unborn babies.  Repeatedly, panel members expressed their concern about amalgam use in children.  Pediatric neurologist Dr. Suresh Kotagal of the Mayo Clinic summed it up for the entire panel:
"There is really no place for mercury in children." 
Other panelists went on to explain that dental mercury is like lead.  The panel urged the FDA to quickly contraindicate amalgam for these vulnerable populations and insisted that the FDA provide consumers with labeling containing clear warnings.

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